The Underrated Beauty of Melanin

“What exactly is beauty?” Melanin Poppin': I randomly asked a female friend of mine who once had a struggle defining simple aesthetics. She said “I asked the Mirror Mirror on the wall, was I the fairest of them all? No, you’re not, the mirror replied. But... you are the prettiest." "Now, that was the most... Continue Reading →



  The silence woke her. Allya sat up in her bed and stared blankly at the steel door of her room apartment. Beep. A screen materialized in front of her displaying the time and the weather with a calming wind chime effect sound that followed “The time is 3:47 Allya, You have less than two... Continue Reading →

Mémoires de Nalie.

My name's Nalie and I am a vampire or whatever you wish to call vile bloodsuckers. I do live here in Ghana and I am Two Hundred and Seventy-Eight years old. I had been asleep for over a century and awoke a few years after this country found its independence. Now, before you assume, let... Continue Reading →


1. I lied when I said I liked you. I love you instead. I call you sunshine when the sun is just a tiny piece of the world. Maybe it’s because the sun lights up the world. You are my world.

2. Taking note of little things; how you have a characteristic sound at the end of your laughter. The way you take care of your own. How you are ambitious. How you are so ticklish, and would rather die than be tickled.

3. “Darling, I will love you till it’s seventy.” Does that mean we are done when we get to seventy? I will love you the second after seventy. My heart will still beat for you years after seventy. Seventy should be the beginning of our for ever.

4. I want to be able to describe how it feels to love you. How it feels waking up with…

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Shaved Heads and P.O.P’s



Nothing like a good old shave ending up with bright scalps. Pour some oil onyour Sakoraand you’re an Instagram model already…with sculpturedabs and you’re on Vogue. Add a full beard and the women would say you’re well vested to break a heart per month. That’s 12 hearts a year. (Wawu. Father Lord, do it for your Son. This beard must connect!)


A Casted Up Leg and crutches. A white cast you try to keep cleanin dusty Accra and crutches to deter you from hopscotching every where. In a 3rd world country (they said it’s middle class now ooh) ,we try to look at positives to keep us smiling. Else.. hmm. So positives: You keep working on your upper body strength each day with the crutches. So yes, if my arms aren’t buff by the end of this, then I reallyhave to askNyankoponsome one-two.

Also, the girls love…

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Cumming with the Rains

The thunder rolled softly in the distant sky, two flashes of lightning briefly illuminating the dark room. There she lay on her side of the bed, dozing off. It had been a hectic day at work and she made it home in time before the rain could start. Another figure lay beside her, quiet and... Continue Reading →

Twisted Valentine’s

“Why would Valentine’s day even fall on a Tuesday?” kept ringing in his head as he slowly got ready to leave his office. A few co-workers shut the lids of their laptops with smiles pasted on their faces while a few others kept stoic expressions. The announcement of a Valentine’s Day break was not received... Continue Reading →

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